MetaGreen CE

MetaGreen CE



If you have struggled to lose weight, or if you’ve hit a roadblock in your weight loss program, then MetaGreen CE may be the right solution for you.


In lab tests, the primary ingredient in MetaGreen CE – Chlorogenic Acid – was demonstrated to initiate a process called lipophagy, which is the biochemical process that takes place when your body breaks down stored fat to use as energy. MetaGreen CE contains 800mg of Chlorogenic Acid – twice the dosage shown effective in lab tests.


It’s theorized that increased levels of Chlorogenic Acid in the blood stream – which happens when Chlorogenic Acid is added to the diet as a nutritional supplement – mimics the enzymes your body recognizes as the chemical signal to begin breaking down stored fat for energy.


While your results may differ, you can buy with confidence knowing you can rely on the Sunrise Nutritionals New Day Guarantee: you can receive a full refund of your purchase price within 90 days if you’re not satisfied with your results. Simply call us anytime.


*Contains caffeine

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